Teeth Whitening

In-office LED Teeth Whitening – $100

How does the Teeth whitening system work?

You insert one of our dual sided mouth trays and turn the LED light on for 20 minutes. Our full spectrum blue LED light, with precise settings, is positioned between the upper and lower teeth. Our formulation has special light activated accelerators. Peroxide and oxygen will break into water molecules and free hydroxyl radicals. The oxygen radicals combined with carbon-based molecules in the stained teeth proceed to make all stains clear. This process will penetrate the tooth enamel but will not damage the enamel. Once the stains are removed, they will then attach themselves to the Teeth whitening gel.

How long does this patented process take and what are the results?

Results vary as everyone is different, the grade of your teeth and your age can affect the process. We also have a package of 2, 20 minute treatment sessions that ensure the whitest teeth possible for almost every client.

How long does this process last?

6 months to 1 Year is normal, we do recommend that you care for your newly whitened teeth with at home kits. Typically, we recommend pursuing another treatment every 6 to 12 months.

Is Teeth whitening safe?

Research has shown that if teeth and gums are normal and healthy there are no adverse effects from teeth whitening. Our unique method provides the highest level of personal safety in the industry. It is important that if you have any oral problems you consult with your dentist or doctor. People with tooth decay and with any type of gum disease should avoid teeth whitening products. People that are photosensitive or taking photosensitive medication should use the product without the light activation.

Who may benefit from the Teeth whitening system?

Almost everyone can enjoy the benefit to the whitening process if their teeth and gums are healthy. Teeth cannot be bleached whiter than genetically possible. Tetracycline stains may not be removed. Stains resulting from excessive fluorides or if the teeth are porous can expect limited results. Over 95% of our clients experience success and are happy with the results.

I have a crown on my anterior or front teeth. Will your product whiten my crown?

No, but the standard procedure is to first whiten all adjacent teeth, wait two weeks for the color to stabilize, then go to your dentist and have him match the crown to the new shade of your teeth. On the contrary, if a crown is already been in place for many years, the whitening process can return the rest of the teeth to the original shade prior to the crown placement. The same goes for composites, bridges, and veneers. Typically the process will return crowns and veneers back to the original colour at the time they where installed.

Will the gel you offer be the same as from my family dentist?

Similar but not the same. Almost all whitening products are similar in nature and use similar formulations, however, we have developed our own unique formula to ensure maximum safety with maximum results.

What causes stains?

Some teeth are naturally pigmented or stained as they develop. Typically, stains come from exposure to tea, coffee, smoking, juices, colas, red wine, age, or just about anything that would stain a shirt or carpet. Things like blueberries and cherries and various curries are good examples of foods that stain.

Are there any side effects?

Some people may feel a little tingling sensation, white gum line, or sensitivity, all of which are normal and transient. Typically, this will only last less than 24 hours.

How long before I can eat or drink after my treatment?

The first 24 hours we would recommend avoiding coffee, tea, cola, red wine, berries, candy, red sauces, beets, or any foods that have the propensity to stain.

Do you recommend that the client wears protective eyewear?

You must wear the Teeth whitening protective eye-wear for precautionary purposes.

Does Teeth whitening work if you have tetracycline stains?

We say no, however, it can but it depends on how “grey” or discoloured the specific stain is and it will require multiple treatments. We would recommend at least 3 full treatments. In all circumstances when you require additional treatments beyond the initial three you can buy the additional treatments at that time.

What if my teeth are heavily stained?

Most people will achieve their whitest possible shade after the three sessions. In some cases for extremely stained teeth it can take up to 6 treatments and a maintenance pen for stubborn spot removal.

If there is dehydration of the tooth, what do you recommend?

We use potassium nitrate in our gel to ensure that this does not happen.

Does the product contain any alcohol?

The product contains no alcohol and the mouth tray is disposable after each use. In addition we include various components in the kit in order to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Will the temperature of the light harm my teeth?

No, our cool blue light is designed with a maximum of 3 Degrees over body temperature