Looking for way to truly unwind and relax? Try the ultimate relaxation experience with our hydro jet professional hydrotherapy tub which provides you with an all-over hydro-massage. A hydrotherapy treatment will revive tired or stressed bodies, detoxify the skin or energize the senses depending on your preference of treatments. Hydrotherapy is often use after massage or body wraps to help relieve sore and tired muscles and ease tension. Mud baths have been used for centuries by Europeans to help cleanse the skin of impurities, detoxify, skin preservation, improved circulation and helps the skin to look and feel rejuvenated. The mud used is rich in bio-mineral complexes and contains 34% humic acid, is paraben free and certified organic.

Hydrotherapy Treatments

Juvinesse Signature Mud Bath Escape – 90 mins $199

This treatment for ultimate relaxation begins with full body exfoliation so that you will receive the maximum health benefits from the mud. Following the rejuvenating mud bath, enjoy a massage with moor mud lotion. The several health benefits from this treatment include relief of arthritis, detoxification, treatment of certain skin conditions, as well as a reduction of excess stress and muscle soreness.

Rejuvenation Pine Bath- 30 mins $60

This treatment rejuvenates the mind and body with pine scented high quality moor mud. The pine scented mud bath will help boost your immune system, reduces joint inflammation, and awakens the sences.

Detoxifying Chocolate Bath – 30 mins $60

This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting smoother supple skin while achieving fantastic detoxifying results. The chocolate mud bath will rehydrate dry patchy skin, help to reduce toxins from the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Our chocolate moor mud contains over 1300 natural plant enzymes, amino acids and vitamins that have been known to increase metabolism.