Chemical Peels

TCA Medical Grade Chemical Peel
TCA Peels work great for people who are concerned about any sun damage they may have on their skin such as sun spots, it also work amazingly for fine lines, scaring, wrinkles, and discolouration in the skin, by improving colour, freshness, and texture. TCA Peels are ideal for client with acne because you can not perform microdermabrasion or other mechanical exfoliation procedures due to the possibility or spreading the acne and scaring.

This is a way to get deep down in to the acne to cleanse, nurish and exfoliate the skin.


  • Glycolic Peel – $90
  • TCA Peel – $150


We start by cleansing the face to recieve optimum penetration of the TCA Peel, we then remove the peel and apply the appropriate moisturizer and serum to the face.

What to Expect post treatment:

Your skin may feel a little bit of irritation and have some redness but this depends form client to client. Over the next few days you will notice minor peel but that is to be expected.